A  B R I E F  H I S T O R Y  O F  M E


Hello ~

Damien here. Born and raised in Australia, I began my foray into the entertainment industry after the realisation that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life inside a cubicle.

Ironically, my first “real” job was at a leadership development firm with the purpose to inspire and empower people to pursue their passions – ultimately giving me the life tools I needed to pursue something more fulfilling.

Now I spend my time traveling the world, working in entertainment, doing everything from TVCs and independent films, to presenting and modeling.

After 15 years experience in this volatile and challenging industry, I can say without a doubt, it is where I belong.

I thrive when I’m being constantly challenged, and love it when I get to learn new skills and build new relationships.

If you’d like to get to in touch with me feel free to send me a message here.

I look forward to working with you